MRL N scale layout design wanted

GTRail Jul 28, 2006

  1. GTRail

    GTRail Permanently dispatched

    Hey guys. I've decided that I'd like to model a prototype RR with some freelancing involved (Lakeside Rail and Kiva Valley run thrus). Basically what i'm looking for is someone who can do a good trackplan of MRL's Mullen Pass.

    Guidlines are:

    - Sidings must hold 12 foot long trains with helpers included
    - Double deck if possible
    - No helix if double deck
    - Helena yard and engine terminal included
    - Only key scenes such as Skyline Trestle can be used with short mainline between them but must be in order of appearence
    - Large curves such as 20" and larger if possible

    Thanks all for your help and I've included below the room with its size.

  2. HemiAdda2d

    HemiAdda2d Staff Member

    Are there any closets and windows in the room that might be problematic?

    How much do you know about Mullan Pass? I have visited a few times, and can help.

    Signature scenes:
    The straight mainline from West Helena to Tobin is often photographed, The S-curves east of Austin siding (meets take place here) are neat, Austin Loops are signature as is Iron Ridge. Weed Siding, Greenhorn Trestle, Skyline siding, Skyline Trestle, and then Mullan Tunnel. On the west side, Blossburg, Elliston, Avon, and Garrison. Garrison is where a small yard is located, and the twin MILW/NP tunnels are there too. Elliston, backing up a bit, is where helpers are added and removed.
    In N scale, you can build the Helena yards and facilities, then head to the straight-line to Tobin. Toss in a few S-curves, and build Austin siding. A big peninsula or someting similar would be ideal to build Austin Loops. Iron Ridge and its collapsed tunnel, then a short (Weed) siding. Greenhorn Trestle, another short (Skyline) siding, same name trestle, and 3886' Mullan Tunnel. Exit to Helix to second deck.
    Top of helix exit at Blossburg, and Mullan tunnel west portal. Blossburg siding, wye, and some gentle curves later you end up in Elliston. You can end here, or build all the way to Garrison.
  3. GTRail

    GTRail Permanently dispatched

    Hemi, there are no obstacles in the room except the door which opens inwards.
  4. GTRail

    GTRail Permanently dispatched

    I've put together a list of scenes i'd like on the layout. These may all fit onto one level with the Overpass at the Helena yard before the roundhouse and Mullan Tunnel East portal being used to hide the entrance to an under layout staging yard.

    Helena Yard


    Austin Siding

    Austin Loops

    Greenhorn Trestle

    Skyline Trestle

    Mullan Tunnel East portal

    If anyone can help design the layout that'd be great. I've hit a down at the moment and have tried my own but they have been pretty BS.
  5. dingoix

    dingoix TrainBoard Member

    Mitch, if you don't already have it, pick up a copy of Track Planning For Realistic Operation. There's a whole chapter devoted to how real railroads "plot" the mainline and how to do it on a model railroad.
  6. Keith

    Keith TrainBoard Supporter

    I'd also highly recommend the Mullan Pass and Montana Rail Link video/DVD. Both cover Mullan Pass nicely, with day to day operations.
    Both also cover the locations that Hemi mention, as well as the locations you wish to model.

    Now, if only you can find a way to model the Black Fog of Blossburg!!
    From Hemi's collection...

    And I have seen MUCH heavier smoke!! Used to have relatives in Helena!
    Still gotta get up that way again, sometime.
  7. txronharris

    txronharris TrainBoard Member

    Did you see the MRL N scale layout in Model Railroader a while back? I'll see if I can find it (sees like it was last year or year before). I'm not quite sure if it's got the areas you're looking for, but it was a great plamn and might be a good starting point.
  8. txronharris

    txronharris TrainBoard Member


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